RepliWeb solutions are for distributed file replication and Web/application release automation.

The Challenge

Although file replication and application release automation are often considered fundamental IT processes, they can be easily compromised by complex file structures, large files, inconsistent Internet connectivity, or human error. Native server operating system tools, scripted solutions and manual processes offer limited scalability, provide poor visibility in IT processes, and ultimately deliver inconsistent results.

The Answer

To ensure continuous availability of data and accommodate virtually any scenario, Attunity RepliWeb solutions enable you to centrally manage replication, synchronization and applications across any network or topology. Attunity RepliWeb solutions help to overcome challenging network connections, enable real-time updates, and provide centralized visibility into your processes. Benefits include the following:

  • Reduce downtime associated with inefficient and unreliable legacy solutions
  • Support global replication needs across any network connection
  • Single platform for unified replication management across all operating systems, servers and single user devices
  • Minimal impact on networks, servers or applications that power business operations
  • Highly scalable solution that addresses file systems and database dump file replication
  • Invest in a solution that makes server-wide rollouts affordable