Gold Client

Innovations for SAP Database Management

Attunity Gold Client replication software for SAP reduces enterprise storage requirements, improves the quality and availability of test data, restores development integrity, and helps ensure data security.

Maintenance and management activities within the SAP landscape can be very complex and create daunting issues. In traditional scenarios, the volume of data copied from production to non-production systems such as QA and even training systems, can take days, a week, even longer. During this time, skilled resources are consumed with a laborious and tedious process and project teams are left inactive and unable to adhere to a timeline for project deliverables. In addition, storage needs for copying will continue to be a challenge.

GCS Landscape Management image

Gold Client Solutions provides a unique yet practical solution that solves the costly drain of resources, storage and time required to manage, support and secure data across SAP environments. The software allows SAP teams to quickly select and copy subsets of only relevant data from Production or non-production sources to non-production targets.

The functionality of Gold Client Solutions brings resolution to multiple business issues caused by the growing complexity of the company’s SAP landscape. Fast and flexible data management through Gold Client Solutions results in a dramatic reduction in the amount of time, effort and resources required to manage, support and secure data across SAP environments by:

  • Eliminating production database copies used to furnish quality data in non-production environments
  • Efficiently creating and maintaining smaller, fully functional environments containing relevant, accurate business data
  • Decreasing the data footprint of non-production systems
  • Protecting data and managing compliance and regulatory risk
  • Create Smaller, Fully Functional Clients

    Client Construct offers an efficient alternative to the refresh process by creating fully functional, production-like clients without all the transactional data.

    Providing Basis and Technical teams a fast and efficient process, Configuration, User Master, and Master Data is exported from production or any client in the landscape, and imported into any non‑production target. Also allowing for copies of only select Master Data, the Basis team is able to create a “working baseline” of all essential non-transactional and Master SAP data.

  • Build Systems, Keep Them in Sync

    Through optimizing system copy procedures, System Build Plus creates a copy of production without the production client, thereby building a new non-production system with a repository matching that of production.

    Repository Replicator can bring out-of-sync systems quickly back up to speed without requiring the additional system build steps by comparing and synchronizing the SAP object repository between two environments. This powerful feature moves client independent objects with a “full circle” approach to data and repository objects in non-production targets.

  • Build the Right BW Environment

    InfoProvider Equalizer provides the ability to compare and align structures. Users can run a comparison of InfoObjects, InfoCubes or DSO structures and their properties between BW systems. Furthermore, users can create, change or activate InfoProviders, automatically matching selected InfoObjects, InfoCubes or DSO across source and target systems.

    Quickly prepare the right environment for development, prototyping or training without the burden of time-intensive manual activity or informal shortcuts.