Gold Client

Innovations for SAP Database Management

Attunity Gold Client replication software for SAP reduces enterprise storage requirements, improves the quality and availability of test data, restores development integrity, and helps ensure data security.

One of the more dynamic, intricate and valuable applications of Gold Client Solutions is when a company is divesting a business entity from an SAP environment. In today’s world, it is common for large corporations to divest or “spin-off” specific business units. Due to the integrated nature of SAP, separating business data into two separate and differentiated SAP systems can present a complex problem.

GCS Divestiture Image

Gold Client Solutions conquers this tremendous challenge by allowing the creation of scenarios identifying data by company code, sales organization, purchase organization, plant, warehouse, and so on. Only master and transactional data identified as belonging to the divested business unit is surgically targeted and exported. The exported data can be used in establishing a new SAP system and client allowing the divested entity to operate separately from the parent organization.

Through hands-on experience and successes, our Business Data Transfers service offers a strategic process and best practices to accomplish this highly difficult challenge that is very manageable and achievable, for even the most complex SAP environment.

  • Key Capabilities
    • Create smaller, fully functional clients composed of reduced master and transactional data
    • Flexible selection methods allow any criteria to identify data for replication
    • Data is replicated with all relevant data, exactly as it exists in the source
    • Protect sensitive data at export with extensive, extendable transformation rules
    • Automated export-import of secure flat file transfer process
    • Simultaneously copy relevant data on multiple SAP applications
    • Selectively delete unwanted data in non-production systems
    • Compare, synchronize SAP repository objects between environments
    • No additional system, console or hardware is required
    • Available for all major SAP applications:
      • ERP, HR, CRM, SCM, SRM, GTS, Business Suite on HANA
      • BW, BW on HANA
      • Industry-specific solutions
      • Supports all modules and custom tables